Thursday, May 26, 2011

Summary of The Bite of the Mango

The summary below was done in a special African format called "The lyric" which is very complicated. It is based on the last word or two in the sentence and it follows this pattern (Normal meaning any word and specific word meaning the same word used throughout poem): Normal, normal, one word, specific word, normal, specific word, one word, specific word, specific word, normal, one word, specific word, specific word, one word, specific word, normal.

The Mango
My name is Mariatu Kamara
My home was Sierra Leone
The rebellious man go
To my village and cut my hands off
The first thing I could do by myself was eat a mango
I found out that Salieu gave me a baby, and that evil man go
Away before my son died of malnutrition; my son didn't get to eat mango
Everyday I went begging with my family in Freetown
My life began to improve and grow just like a mango
I was moved to Canada, a place far from the mango
I realized the importance of the mango
No matter how bad life is, all you need is hope and you will survive.

Citation for African Poetry style:
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Megan's Quotation and Question

"But now I live in a place where many families drove two cars, bought new clothes every month, and dined out at restaurants regularly."
Pg. 207

We live in a world, very different than the world the rest of Mariatu's family lives in, Sierra Leone. If you were a part of Mariatu's family, living in Africa, how would you feel about the American (North American) lifestyle? How would you feel about Mariatu living there?

Connor's Quotation and Question

"So May 25, 1986, became my official birth date."- pg. 139

How do you think Mariatu felt having her birthday simply guessed, rather than knowing the specific date?

Quotation Based Disscussion Question - Tori

"We had been talking a lot in the evenings about the prospect of my moving to Canada, and about how moving away would be the best thing for the family financially."
- The Bite of the Mango pg. 132

If you were Mariatu, how would you feel about the pressure to move to a developed country from Marie? Is there an equivalent to this in American culture?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sam's Quotation and Question

"I knew now that I could look forward and back--without any regrets--at the same time."
pg. 212

If you were Mariatu, would you still look back, or would you try to forget your devastating past and keep looking forward?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Relationship between Author and Text

The author's life is essentially the novel. Although some portions of her early life before the war affected her are cut out, everything in the book is the author's story. There are some parts of the story in which stories from her past have affected her. This novel is very authentic because it tells the true story of a girl who had been raped by one of her elders and then mutilated by rebels. The novel accurately portrays the account of a victim of the war and how innocent children like her are affected by it.

Connor's Research Paragraph

After the events in the Bite of Mango, Mariatu lives now in Toronto, Canada. She works for UNICEF and is attempting to end wars and Africa through the program. She is studying to be a counselor for abused women and children. She wants to help people get through what took her years to finally come to terms with. Kamara is now 25 years old, and often speaks publicly to raise awareness for her cause despite the painful memories it brings back.

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